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Five reasons to play Lisbons´s Most Innovative Live Escape Game

February 16, 2015

BEST FUN ​YOU’LL HAVE ​WITH ​​FRIENDS​ ​& FAMILY: Why do more of the same when you can have a truly​ memorable experience that will have you talking about it for days on end? Escape Hunt Lisbon is the perfect activity to meet up with friends or family and enjoy a breath-taking experience. Get ​off the Couc​h, put your mind to the test and experience one of the most fun activities ever & play a whole new level of Live Escape Games. LISBON’S MOST INNOVATIVE LIVE ESCAPE GAME: At Escape Hunt Lisbo​a​ we don´t use Flintstones’ technology. We created something unique using the latest gadgets available in Live Escape Games worldwide. ​Get your best investigative team​ together and ​get ready for an all-around sensorial trip! A new case has opened in Lisbon and only you will be able to solve it! ​Will you d​are to play one of the most modern and challenging Escape Game​s worldwide?​ BREAK OUT OF YOUR ROUTINE: Tired of the same little weekend-program? Have you already tried all the beautiful sightseeing ​and great ​restaurants​ in Lisbon? What are you waiting for? We​ give you a chance to ​stimulate your mind while having fun. The Escape Hunt...

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