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Five reasons to play Lisbons´s Most Innovative Live Escape Game


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BEST FUN YOU’LL HAVE WITH ​​FRIENDS & FAMILY: Why do more of the same when you can have a truly​ memorable experience that will have you talking about it for days on end? Escape Hunt Lisbon is the perfect activity to meet up with friends or family and enjoy a breath-taking experience. Get ​off the Couc​h, put your mind to the test and experience one of the most fun activities ever & play a whole new level of Live Escape Games.

LISBON’S MOST INNOVATIVE LIVE ESCAPE GAME: At Escape Hunt Lisbo​a​ we don´t use Flintstones’ technology. We created something unique using the latest gadgets available in Live Escape Games worldwide. ​Get your best investigative team​ together and ​get ready for an all-around sensorial trip! A new case has opened in Lisbon and only you will be able to solve it! ​Will you d​are to play one of the most modern and challenging Escape Game​s worldwide?​

BREAK OUT OF YOUR ROUTINE: Tired of the same little weekend-program? Have you already tried all the beautiful sightseeing ​and great ​restaurants​ in Lisbon? What are you waiting for? We​ give you a chance to ​stimulate your mind while having fun. The Escape Hunt Experience was voted as one of the best indoor activities worldwide​ ​precisely because ​ the prospect of burning some ‘mental flab’ is quite high – whilst enjoying a unique live interactive experience.

FUN FOR ALL AGES: At the Escape Hunt Lisboa everyone can be a part of the fun. ​ Our games are all designed for diverse groups of people, so everyone can play their part. Just get together a great team, from 2 to 5 players and ​come try your luck. So who are you going to pick for your investigative team? If you want to invite your whole family worry not! We have enough room for 20 people to play at the same time and combined activities for bigger groups of over 200 people! Hone your best deductive skills and get that team spirit on! Only teams who know how to work together will have a chance to escape.

TEAMWORK: Is your ​dad​ able to solve​ all the mysteries of Hercule Poirot before the end of episode? ​Is your​ aunt​ie a Sherlock Hol​mes’​ fan? ​Does one of your friend​s​ think he ​has the best logical and deductive skills? Well at the Escape Hunt Lisbo​n​ you will finally have the unique opportunity to ​prove once and for all ​who ​the real genius is.​You ​will ​definitely ​n​eed to work and communicate with your team​ mates​ to solve all the mind-blowing riddles and puzzle​s.​ And remember, resourcefulness and improvisation are the key to getting out in time!​


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