Escape Hunt


Escape Hunt FAQs

Which adventure can I play at the Escape Hunt Lisboa?  Here in Lisbon we currently have 6 rooms split into 3 different adventures.  Each has an exciting and different theme.

Can you tell us more about the adventures?

Introduction to a Secret Society: You will have to infiltrate a secret society and prove that you’re worthy of entering an organization that few even know existed.This room is the crème de la crème for both experienced players and beginners, as it is a very sequential and logical game. If you like a good challenge and want to put those deductive skills to the test, this is the room for you. We have 3 identical rooms for up to 15 players on the same adventure (5 vs 5 vs 5).Book here.

The Mystery of Fernando Pessoa: Can you get into the mind of the man considered to be Portugal’s greatest poet? What secrets is he hiding in this very room? Will you dare to find out and escape? The Mystery of Fernando Pessoa is a highly technological room, which makes it more intuitive. This is a one-of-a-kind game which means that only 2 to 5 lucky detectives can play the adventure simultaneously. Book here.

The Great Lisbon Earthquake: Our most immersive room to date! It’s a perfect mix of manual skills and logical reasoning. You won’t find a single key, so you’ll have to interact with the space around you. Will you be able to help the Marquis of Pombal rebuild the once great city of Lisbon and restore it to its former glory? Fair warning: not for the easily frustrated! We have 2 identical rooms for up to 10 players (5 vs 5). Book here.